Senior Sweethearts

For many people, the month of February centers around Valentine’s Day (thank you Hallmark). It is a time for couples, both young and old, to reconnect and share memories together. However, for many elderly couples, dementia and Alzheimer’s make the trip down memory lane difficult. Many elderly end up in nursing homes or other care […]

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Do You Need Money From Your Retirement Accounts?

In the current economy, a retirement plan, IRA, 401(K), or other qualified plan, is often a family’s largest asset. With loans difficult to obtain, accessing retirement funds may be critical, especially if you can do without early-withdrawal penalties. The general rule is that for persons under the age of 59 ½ early withdrawal costs a 10% penalty […]

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Required Minimum Distributions Are Back for 2010

You would probably be hard pressed to name a positive result of the 2008 market crash, but Congress did make one temporary change that benefited retirees over age 70-1/2.   A one-year moratorium on required minimum distributions (RMD) from IRA and 401(k) accounts was enacted for the year 2009. This helped seniors in two ways.  First, […]

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