Flowers to Spring Haven Assisted Living Facility

This past week I had the opportunity and privilege to deliver flowers to the Spring Haven Assisted Living facility in Winter Haven. Unlike past flower deliveries, we did not deliver to individual rooms but rather to a large common activity room for residents to pick up as they came in for programming.

Despite not having much direct contact with residents, it was obvious to see the ones who were sitting in the lobby perk up as we brought box after box of flowers into the activity room. By the time we were done unloading, we had many residents popping their heads through the door to see all the flowers.  It was very obvious to see the joy and excitement on residents’ faces when they realized the flowers were for them.

To know that a small act by us was the cause of such joy is both gratifying and humbling, and I hope I will be able to deliver flowers again in the future.

Carlene Fogle-Miller
Legal Assistant