Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

Individual income tax returns for 2015 are due by April 18, 2016. The IRS filing deadline is usually April 15, but this year’s deadline has been pushed to the following Monday because April 15 is a legal holiday. A portion of your Social Security benefits may be taxable depending on the amount of benefits you […]

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Social Security Ups and Downs

New for 2012 Social Security recipients will be receiving more money in 2012, thanks to a 3.6% cost-of-living adjustment. This is the first boost in payments since 2009, when the increase was 5.8%. The maximum Social Security benefit for workers retiring at full retirement age is $2,513 per month, compared with $2,366 in 2011, although […]

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Are You A Senior Thinking About Remarriage?

It is common in our society for senior individuals to contemplate second marriages. Many times one of the people will have a higher Social Security earnings record from a prospective spouse from an earlier marriage. So, consider before remarriage, how will your earnings record and Social Security benefits be calculated? If you remarry prior to […]

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