What Should be Included in Living Wills?

Living wills are designed to make it possible for you to decide what level of extraordinary medical care you wish to receive, if any, if you have a terminal condition or an end-stage condition and cannot speak for yourself. Living wills can also give you the opportunity to explain what medical care you wish to receive if you […]

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What is a Power of Attorney and When Does it Become Effective?

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal instrument that gives someone else the right to act on your behalf.  The person granting that power (the “principal”) grants the right to act on his/her behalf to the agent, who is also referred to as the attorney-in-fact. The language of the POA determines what powers are […]

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What is a Living Will?

Living wills are relatively new creature in our law. The need for Living Wills arose as a result of advances in the medical field, primarily the discovery and development of mechanical ventilation around the 1950’s. As technology, advanced, patients could be maintained longer and longer artificially. It was inevitable that some people would want to […]

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