Is Your Elderly Loved One Receiving What He Or She Deserves?

A Geriatric Care Manager could be the perfect answer when finding the best long-term care for a family member. They work directly with all family members and help educate them throughout the process, find needed resources, and make difficult decisions. Some services provided are.

  • Develop a care plan for the patient’s needs
  • Work with doctors and psychologists in getting medical support
  • Locate home care services that work with the families needs
  • Provide assistance with legal and financial issues
  • Make an assessment about the type of care need

There are different forms of home care services available, and the best choice varies:

  • Home health care companies: provide nurses, physical therapists, social workers and aides that assist with basic health care such as changing bandages, taking vital signs and helping with medication as well as a host of other skilled needs.
  • Non-medical home providers: help with bathing, dressing, meals, ambulating, chores, errands, housekeeping and much, much more.

Home-care providers allow for consistency, constant care and supervision, and a reliable and trustworthy source for answers and advice during difficult times. They work with the families in order to bring the best care to their loved one as possible.

We, at The Elder Law Firm of Clements & Wallace, P.L., work closely with Geriatric Care Managers and even have a staff person serving as a Care Manager for many clients.