Caregiver: The Role Few Expect, But Many Will Inhabit

Anyone with children expects to serve as a caregiver for their child until they’re ready to leave the nest. What most people do not expect, however, is that they will someday need to serve as a caregiver for another adult.

A recent New York Times article reported that approximately 1 in 5 adults in the United States is currently providing care to an elderly parent or another family member or friend with an illness or disability—often without pay. You can read that article, which includes great advice for current caretakers and for those who may become one in the future, at the New York Times’s website.

Whether you’re a new caregiver or want to prepare for the day when you may need care, consulting a Certified Elder Law Attorney can help you navigate the choppy waters of providing care and develop a plan to make it easier for your loved ones to care for you should that day come.